A nursing student in Zaragoza receives the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The Balearic health ministry expects to administer 80,000 doses per week.


From this Thursday until the end of May, it will be necessary to administer 9,300 doses of vaccine a day in order to immunise 50% of the population of the Balearics over the age of 16.

Wednesday's figures from the regional health ministry indicate that 21,224 people have so far received two doses of the vaccine, while 58,224 doses have been administered in total. On this basis, and in order to immunise with two doses the 50% (in the region of 440,000 people), almost 900,000 doses will have to be administered by the first of June and when it would normally be expected that the tourism season would be getting into full swing for the summer.

This week, the regional government is receiving 17,600 doses. The Balearic ministry of health's forecast is that it will be able to administer 80,000 doses per week when operating at full capacity, meaning that there is the infrastructure to allow this (mass vaccination sites) and of course the necessary deliveries.

Over the first two months of the vaccination programme, the Balearics have received an average of 9,075 doses per week, less than will be needed per day in order to get to that 50% target.

Prime Minister Sánchez stated on Wednesday that purchase agreements have been made for 136 million doses of different vaccines and he reiterated a goal of immunising 70% of the Spanish population before the end of the summer. In the Balearics, the calls from business are for 70% immunisation before the summer in order to provide the greatest possible health guarantees for the tourism season. This would mean 13,000 doses per day being administered; 91,000 a week, assuming that they might be available.


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