Bars getting ready for the big reopening. | Miguel Canellas

As of Tuesday, March 2, the current restrictions will change and below we give you a guideline of the lastest changes.

· 1. Two households can gather (inside and outside). Only six people can meet. Exceptions are: People who live alone can be part of a single, extended unit. Minors can meet parents if they live at different addresses, as can couples if they don’t live together. A further exception applies to anyone who has to go to a different address to care for others.

· 2. Bar and restaurant terraces open 50 percent until 17.00. Only four per table and up to two households.

· 3. You can still smoke as long as you respect social distancing and you are static.

· 4. Stores will have to reduce their capacity to 50 percent or 50% reduction if larger than 700 square metres.

· 5. Theatres, cinemas an d marquees at 50 percent capacity.

· 6. Gyms allowed to reopen with 30% capacity for activities of low intensity involving no more than six people for weights rooms. Showers are closed. No cardio. Need to wear masks. There needs to be 3 metre distance maintained at all times.

· 7. Ban on the public attending sports events of any category.

· 8. Curfew at 22.00 until 06.00 remains.

· 9. Large stores and shopping centres (700 metres) will be able to open now at 50% capacity, Monday to Friday. Car park capacities will be 50%.

· 10. Closure of all establishments at 20.00, with certain exceptions - food or essential products, petrol stations and hairdressers

· 11. Buses will have limited capacity and there will be no standing.

· 12. On the Metro, standing will be allowed in places where this is indicated.

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· 13. Ban on fiesta activities.

· 14. People who are at risk are being advised not to use public transport.

· 15. The government is also recommending people to be home by 20.00 and to visit commercial establishments on their own.

· 16. Churches at 30 percent capacity and ceremonies 15 people (30 percent)

· 17. Residents of Nursing Homes or with disabilities may leave the premises by themselves or with a relative.

· 18. Night clubs and gambling premises closed.

· 19. Fairs and fiestas cancelled.

· 20. Hotels: common places 50 percent and dining room 30 percent.

· 21. Extracurricular activities are allowed with an exception for academies, training centres and driving schools.

· 22. Cultural places: museums etc... 50 percent. Groups up to 6 people inside and outside.

· 23. Parks and beaches open from 07.00 to 21.00.

· 24. Swimming pools reopen with 30% capacity and 3 people per lane. Total 24 people. Changing rooms are open but showers are closed.

New restrictions in place for two weeks at least.