Son Sant Joan Airport, Palma.

Son Sant Joan Airport, Palma.

01-03-2021Teresa Ayuga

The consumer organisation, Consubal, has filed a complaint against several companies with the Ministries of Development and Consumer Affairs, for forcing customers to state whether or not they’re Balearic Residents at the beginning of their travel reservations.

A complaint has also been made to the General Directorate of Maritime & Air Transport against Edreams, Rumbo, Viajes Carrefour, Kayak, Iberia, Logitravel, Air Europa and Ryanair.

Consubal has accused the companies of non-compliance with the General State Budget Law, which obliges companies to modify the booking system requiring the status of residents at the beginning of a reservation and not at the end of the entire process in order to calculate the price of the tickets. Balearic residents are entitled to a 75% discount on domestic travel.

For years, Consubal President, Alfonso Rodríguez has been demanding that companies not be allowed to know a customer’s place of residence until the end because "there are suspicions that they are applying a double rate" depending on whether people live in the Balearic Islands or not.

Consubal's complaint warns of the "irresponsible" attitude of these companies and points out that many of them have not refunded customers for flights cancelled due to the pandemic. Rodriguez also notes that many companies have raised their prices since the resident discount was increased to 75%.


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Ram / Hace 8 months

It will definitely be a step in the right direction. But will not go far enough as it’s very easy for these companies to determine their websites visitor’s current and permanent location. This already happens in case of adverts and “personalised” promotions.

Instead the demand should be to introduce a governmental oversight.