Juli Fuster, director-general of IB-Salut. | Archive


In a radio interview on Thursday, the director-general of IB-Salut, Juli Fuster, acknowledged that there have been some cases of people being vaccinated in the Balearics which have not been in accordance with the protocols.

The head of the health service said that there are "dysfunctions" with the vaccination process. His department has been receiving information about people who are being immunised without being included in vaccination groups.

"I don't justify it, but there will be dysfunctions." He wanted to make clear, in case there was any misunderstanding, that these do not include politicians. They are people who think they are part of a group to be vaccinated. The processes are "very complex".

Regarding the senior officials in the health service who were vaccinated on the first day of the programme (December 27), Fuster said that "they would do exactly the same" and that they have a "clear conscience". He added that the coordinator of the vaccination programme, Carlos Villafafila (who was one of those vaccinated), was on sick leave, implying that he hadn't been replaced.

Fuster pointed out that the vaccination of these officials was not concealed at the time and that the media were able to take images and get statements on that day in December. It was a matter of days, he explained, between the vaccine's approval (December 22) and the first doses that were administered. And there was Christmas in between. "We had to prepare everything without having much information."

The health service has always maintained that the vaccination of senior officials was because there were leftover doses that it didn't want to waste and that there was some "experimentation", as a procedure hadn't been established for spare doses.