Alcúdia beach, practically deserted of bathers. | E. BALLESTERO


Alcudia town hall’s council meeting on Thursday approved a number of items of spending, the largest of which will be 3.5 million euros to replace the six “balneario” beach bars.

The investment is coming from the accumulated budget surplus which the town hall is now allowed to use, the Spanish government having relaxed spending rules. Alcudia has almost 100 million euros in the bank.

The existing balnearios are some thirty years old and are considered to be obsolete. Their replacement has been on the cards for several years, and the project to design the new-look bars has already been drafted.

The town hall now has to get the go-ahead from the Costas Authority. Alcudia’s bars are permanent. As the beach is “urban”, there isn’t the requirement to dismantle them at the end of each season, which is now the case with “rustic” beaches such as Es Trenc.

Of other spending, the meeting approved 780,000 euros for road resurfacing. And you never know, maybe this will reach parts of the municipality often overlooked and in desperate need of some road maintenance - e.g. the Bellevue area.