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Since the coronavirus pandemic began, 1,662 Healthcare Professionals in the Balearic Islands have been infected and 1,319 of them have contracted the disease since May 11, 2020, which is when the Ministry of Health started monitoring infections amongst Healthcare Personnel in the Autonomous Communities.

As of May 11, a total of 1,953 people in the Islands had contracted the disease and 343 were health workers.

Ten months later, the number of sick Healthcare Professionals has multiplied by five. According to Friday's report from the Ministry of Health, 1,662 doctors, nurses and other health workers have contracted the disease and 56,338 residents.

One year on

The first Healthcare Professional was infected in Minorca a year ago on Sunday and the victim has fully recovered from the disease.

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The circumstances that Healthcare Professionals were forced to work in during the first wave were dire and the severe lack of protective equipment is the main reason they were infected during the first coronavirus wave.

All first and second line Healthcare Professionals are on the priority list for vaccination. As of Sunday, 21 Healthcare Professionals were diagnosed with the disease and another 51 are under surveillance.

Nine Healthcare Professionals who work at Nursing Homes are still sick.

87,791 vaccine doses have already been administered and 25,134 people have had both jabs. Mass vaccination of teachers begins today at the Germans Escales Sports Centre.

The Ministry of Health has lowered the health alert in Mallorca to level 2; Minorca is in the so-called new normal and Ibiza is still on level 3.

Mallorca's data is getting better all the time and with ICU admissions falling and with Friday’s accumulated incidence rate of 55.35 cases in 14 days, the risk level is likely to be lowered again this week.