Germans Escalas Sports Centre, Palma. | Pere Bota


Those aged 45 to 54 in the Balearic Islands will start getting their AstraZeneca jabs onMonday, according to IB-Salut’s Director of Management and Budgets, Manuel Palomino.

Immunisation of those over 80 will continue with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

"It may be the case that we vaccinate those under 55 at the same time as those over 80," Palomino acknowledged.

Those in the 55-80 age group won’t be vaccinated until more Pfizer doses arrive.

Mass vaccination started to speed up on Monday when 7 of the 14 vaccination lines opened at the Germans Escalas Sports Centre and an average of 800 people will be immunised every day.

Germans Escalas, the former Son Dureta Hospital and Health Centres are all up and running with around 3,500 people a day being immunised.

"We estimate that in two weeks Germans Escalas will reach its maximum capacity," added Manuel Palomino.

Around 120,000 people will be vaccinated every week in the Balearic Islands as long as the vaccine doses continue to arrive on time.

Teacher, Xisca Vidal was a little apprehensive as she waited for her first dose of the vaccine.

"I'm a little scared because a lot of colleagues have had side effects but hey, they only last for a short time," she says. "I took paracetamol and it has to be done. It took me a long time to decide, but in the end I think it's the best thing.”

Felanitx Police Officer, Jaume Veny, who was also waiting in line had no doubts about the need for immunisation.

"Everyone should have it so that everything returns to normal," he says.

89,331 doses have now been administered and 25,134 people have already their second jab.

In the second half of March, several other mass vaccination points will be activated, at Mateu Canyelles Sports Centre in Inca ; Manacor Racecourse; Mahon Fairgrounds, Canal Salat Hall in Ciutadella; Ibiza fairgrounds and Formentera Hospital.