Vaccination at Germans Escalas. | Pere Bota


With the second mass vaccination site in Mallorca having become operational, the vaccination programme is beginning to accelerate. More and more people are being contacted for appointments.

IB-Salut says that the InfoVacuna service is calling all those people who belong to specified groups in order to give them an appointment. At present, the mass vaccination is at the Germans Escalas sports centre and Son Dureta in Palma. The other sites - Inca, Manacor, Ciutadella, Mahon, Ibiza and Formentera - are scheduled to be operational next week.

People over the age of 80 are currently being vaccinated at health centres or at home if they are not mobile. These people are being contacted by nurses at health centres. People under the age of 55 (for whom the AstraZeneca vaccine is being used) as well as professionals in the health sector, teachers and members of the security forces are at present being given appointments at Germans Escalas or Son Dureta. The call from InfoVacuna gives the day, time and place.

At the vaccination sites, there is confirmation of identification number and people are then directed to specific vaccination lines. There are waiting areas for people to remain for at least fifteen minutes in order to verify that they have not had any adverse reaction. At Son Dureta there is an ambulance on stand-by, if the need arises. At Germans Escalas there are medical teams.

After the administration of the first dose, a card is issued with details regarding which vaccine it was and the batch to which it belonged. This vaccination card has the website address with notifications of adverse reactions - - and the date for receiving the second dose.

At there is information about all groups to be vaccinated. It is in Castellano and Catalan.