Andratx photo on 'España en el Corazón' Facebook page | 'España en el Corazón'- Facebook


Andratx sits on one of the most stunning coastlines in Mallorca.

Before the coronavirus pandemic arrived, the beauty of this little corner of Mallorca attracted thousands of visitors every year and many of them attracted by the possibility of Nautical and Nature Tourism.

The virtues of the Andritxol Municipality have been uploaded to the ‘España en el Corazón’ Facebook page, which is followed by around 76,000 people in Spain and the rest of the world.

Thousands have commented about the built-up area of Andratx that's shown in the photograph, not least because the area is known for its outstanding natural values.

But while many have criticised the photo, others have trashed ‘España en el Corazón for misspelling the name of the Municipality.