Over 3,000 tests still being carried out. | Miquel À. Cañellas

Forty new positive cases of coronavirus have been reported on Wednesday, five more than on Tuesday. The test rate is 1.32% from 3,030 tests (1,019 more tests than reported on Tuesday); Mallorca has 30 new cases, Ibiza nine and Minorca one.

On hospital wards in Mallorca there are two fewer Covid patients (47), there having been an increase of seven on Tuesday. There are also two fewer patients in Ibiza (30). Minorca has had no patients on the ward since Saturday. There are no changes to the numbers of patients in intensive care - Mallorca 21, Ibiza 12, Minorca one.

Eight more patients have been discharged from hospital, and a further 123 people have recovered. The ministry has reported no new deaths.

The 14-day cumulative incidence of new positive cases per 100,000 is 51.68 for the whole of the Balearics and 52.79 for Mallorca. The rate for Ibiza is down to 58.82.

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In terms of vaccination, a total of 95,373 doses have been administered, 76,467 of these in Mallorca. There are 25,908 people who have received two doses, 20,499 of them in Mallorca.