Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, Mallorca. archive photo. | Enrique Calvo


The Government is preparing to approve a decree that rearranges the Emergency Response Plan for incidents like the floods of 2018, which killed 13 people and devastated the Llevant, especially Sant Llorenç.

The decree modifies the flood action plan or Inumbal, from 2005 and includes changes related to floods, catastrophes and other extreme situations.

The review of the Inumbal was completed in parallel with other response or prevention plans such as the territorial plan of Civil Protection, the Meteobal for the risk of adverse weather events and the Infobal for emergencies in the event of forest fires. A new public business entity is being created to manage and co-ordinate emergency situations in Mallorca.

Harsh criticism after the Llevant floods prompted an urgent review of the Emergency Response Plan and a new framework for action was established.

Councillor Mercedes Garrido has maintained the same team as her predecessor and says she has confidence in the General Director of Emergències, Jaime Barceló, who coordinated the Inumbal reforms and was head of the Guardia Civil during the floods.

The new plan contains Municipal and local actions, self-protection plans and establishes better coordination between the Administrations.

The Emergency Response Plan decree won’t have to go through Parliament because it doesn’t include any legislative changes, but there are some differences.

The entire command structure has been adapted to the operating system of the Directorate General of Emergencies; the alert systems are better; there’s a direct line to AEMET and a single command structure has been established.