Police break up illegal drinking party near Palma school. | A. Sepúlveda


More than 300 people were sanctioned in Palma at the weekend for breaching Covid regulations.

Officers from the Alazán Group, Green Patrol and Turisme Inspectors carried out 42 inspections on Friday and Saturday.

Police break up illegal drinking party in Palma.

Dozens of young people were caught drinking alcohol, smoking joints and playing music at full blast at two big illegal drinking parties near Madre Alberta School and at West Dike.

Numerous local residents 'phoned the Police Emergency Centre to report the partygoers.

Elsewhere, a Kebab restaurant in Plaça Pere Garau was shut down for breaching the regulations and a Chinese restaurant in Carretera de Manacor has been given 10 days to correct health deficiencies detected on the premises.

A grocery store in Carrer Santa Florentina that was full of cockroaches last week was inspected a second time and has also been given ten days to clean the premises.