Tourists in Palma, Mallorca. | Ultima Hora

Hotels must stop tourists from socialising with people they don't live with, especially at East, or they will be fined.

The Balearic Government has made it clear that the Covid restrictions are mandatory for residents and tourists, so German tourists can only socialise with their partners, not with friends or other family members.

Economic Model Minister and Government Spokesperson, Iago Negueruela has not clarified exactly how tourists in hotels can be monitored, but he made it clear that anyone who breaks the rules will be fined.

The restrictions mean that German tourists cannot share interior spaces with people they don’t live with, a maximum of four people from two family units are allowed to socialise inside bars and restaurants and a maximum of six people from two family units can socialise outdoors.

Minister Negueruela has appealed to residents and tourists to be responsible and comply with the regulations during the Easter holidays to avoid an increase in infections that would scupper the start of the season.

He also said that information campaigns will be launched in issuing markets to explain the situation of the Balearic Islands, so that tourists know what the restrictions are.

The important thing is to be responsible at Easter so that the summer season can get underway," he said.

Hotel restaurants and bars can stay open beyond the 17:00 closing time, but they can only serve hotel guests.

"The Tourism Sector has already said that their primary interest is making sure that there is a tourist season and that the restrictions are complied with," said Minister Negueruela.

Controls at airports in the Balearic Islands will be stepped up over the next few weeks to deal with the surge in tourists.

“The Ministry of Health and AENA are ready to deal with the increase in traffic at Palma Airport and health controls for foreign tourists will be tightened at Easter.”

The Ministry of Health and AENA have appealed to airlines to collaborate in the coming weeks “to make sure that all passengers from Germany submit a negative PCR, a QR and Covid health form, in order to speed up passenger control.”

German nationals have been asked to avoid taking unnecessary trips and German Government Spokesperson, Steffen Seibert, says that means "dispensing with any trip that is not absolutely necessary.”