Manacor ZPR Zone, Mallorca. | Maria Nadal


There's mixed feelings about the pedestrianisation of dozens of streets in the centre of Manacor. The City Council argues that the measures will reduce noise and put people first, but businesses claim it will harm trade.

The Priority Zone for Residents affects 67 streets and only authorised vehicles, drivers who live in the affected roads, those with a specific permit and commercial vehicles will be able to access the restricted area. The ZPR zone has a maximum speed limit of 20 kilometres an hour.

Around 1,900 people live in the zone and so far 1,100 cars have been authorised to enter. The aim is that drivers will use the Municipal car parks in Plaza de Sant Jaume, which offers two hours free parking, or in na Camel·la. Around 30 parking spaces are also available in Calle Amargura and around Plaza de las Verdures, but at the moment they’re still ORA spaces.

Signs and road markings have been installed at entrances to the ZPR, but on Monday a number of unauthorised vehicles were spotted in the area, so Local Police and Environment Officers have been deployed to raise awareness.

"We are only rearranging what already exists,” said Mobilitat Councillor, Sebastià Llodrà. “Residents are gaining a better quality of life and we are changing Manacor into an open-air shopping centre that’s pleasant walk in."