Summer holidays: vaccine passport.

Vaccine passport fears.

01-09-2007G. ALOMAR

Britions could be left waiting for the European Union´s vaccine passport, according to press reports this morning. Brussels hopes to have vaccine passports - called "digital green certificates" - for internal European travel up and running by the start of June.

But it is unclear when they could be introduced for British tourists. In the European Union, the document, which will show the traveller´s Covid track-record, will be free but Brits could have to pay.

The plan is to roll-out the passports for non-European Union nationals once they have been issued to EU citizens. This would mean that German visitors to Mallorca would be at the front of the queue.


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Deb / Hace 9 months

As a customer of the EU (ie I have spent tens of thousands on tourism ) I will say this. Clearly it is not a clever idea to travel to the EU for health reasons. Also I don’t feel welcome anymore.


Legion / Hace 10 months

Oh Stephen you really must get your facts from other sources than the Sun newspaper. Official figures show that departure will cost the EU economy 0.5% of GDP and the UK 2.25% that equates to a loss of UK GDP of some £70 billion, so how you can suggest our economy is in “ Excellent Shape” is beyond me.The situation would have been even more grave had we left the EU with no deal which the lame brained Brexiteer’s voted for in 2016. The car industries would have left , the Banking sector would have been at high risk and still could be, our Service sector would also have taken a big hit. The sooner we come to terms with the fact that the UK is a just a small spec in the North Sea with 65 million people the better. Who would Stephen Ltd prefer to strike trade deals with, the UK or the EU’s 500 million or China with twice that market potential or Asia, the USA etc etc. These huge economies will always receive the better terms I trade deals, while we will have to be content with the crumbs that fall from their tables. I could go on but somehow I don’t think you’d understand


Burgundy blur / Hace 10 months

This Stephen fella needs to take his head outside for a bb wobble.

It has obviously escaped his notice that the IAG group, who own British Airways, is owned by Iberia Airlines.


adam / Hace 10 months

who is jo?! this person has nailed the argument bang on the head. you're right. SHOW ME THE MONEY. and I am in England. @ Stephen - I would wait six months before you get so bullish about the economy.


Stephen / Hace 10 months

Hopefully painfully ignorant Jo is living in Majorca and not in the UK. Our UK finances are in excellent shape and even our national airline BA has more than enough finance to continue expanding especially with their new A350’s superb aeroplane. Sad people like Jo small minded Remaimers will never understand the huge benefits that Global UK is reaping now that we dumped the corrupt and bankrupt EU. So enjoy your lonely time in Majorca as most UK property owners will not be returning this year and hopefully the EU will have caught up with the UK levels of vaccinations by 2022. Adios enjoy the peace and quiet.


Zoe / Hace 10 months

For those who either do not know or have forgotten, Brits in 1975 voted for joining a "common market" not the EU the way we know it now. EU maybe good in some respect but let's face it they have miserably failed since start of COVID and they failed in every aspect, financial as well as Health and vaccine. EU have to gets its act together, the amount of inefficiency is mind boggling and I do not mean now. People seem to forget Greece, Spain,Italy and Portugal financial fiasco


Martyn / Hace 10 months

The UK government imperative is to keep the South African variant out for as long as possible. Given no sequencing there is no way the EU can convince the UK that it has a grip on it's spread.

I think EU covid passports are moot, uk is going to block tourism this summer, unless the EU gets it's act together and tracks the SA variant way better.


Jo / Hace 10 months

I'm sorry,, but whatever the EU or the Spanish do or decide re tourism - they are still not as stupid as the average Brexit voter (apologies!) who has forgotten to check on one important promise. Remember that writing on the side of the bus/i.e. the money that was supposed to go to the NHS every week? Then came pandemic and lo and behold - hic Rhodus, hic salta - where's the money? SHOW ME THE MONEY, SHOW ME THE MONEY, SHOW ME THE MONEY!


Majorca fan / Hace 10 months

I have just read an article by John Bell which gives a good does of reality to this article. EU travel due to scale of third wave. Spread of South African variant and others. Poor vacation rollout. And lack of sequencing testing in EU, will increase Risks to U.K. of infection from Europe. Looks like no Majorca trips until much later in year for U.K. residents anyway.


Robin Young / Hace 10 months

BB stop whining about whining Brits ha! 2 points , one the Brits do have money hence keen interest in holiday bookings and two Britain is like any other country , there have been debts racked up to try to deal with the pandemic .