Intensive care, Son Llàtzer Hospital, Mallorca

The Balearic government says that it places health above all else.

22-03-2021Miquel À. Cañellas

Government spokesperson and tourism minister Iago Negueruela said at the Monday post-cabinet meeting press conference that there is "extreme vigilance" because of a reversal in trend and a rise in the number of coronavirus infections in Mallorca and Minorca.

This increase and the fact that 76% of cases relate to the UK variant mean that the situation is being analysed very carefully, as they are "key to de-escalation and measures that are adopted".

Although the Balearics continue to have the lowest cumulative incidence in Spain, the regional government is concerned by the rise in number of cases. Elsewhere in Spain there are increases, and the government is also monitoring the situation in European countries.

Negueruela stressed that the situation in the Balearics is being studied daily. If necessary, he added, restrictions will be increased. The Balearic government, he noted, wants the Spanish government to tighten the controls of foreign travellers and ensure that each one is checked for a negative PCR result. "We will take all the necessary measures to maintain a level of incidence like the one we have."

The minister explained that meetings with tour operators have emphasised that the government's objective is to ensure the summer season. Tourists who come at Easter need to apply great caution. International flights, he explained, are the responsibility of the Spanish government, while what Germany has done has been to relax restrictions. "Easter is not a priority for us."

Asked whether the Balearics would join a German appeal for its citizens not to travel, Negueruela replied that "what we are all asking is to restrict mobility to the maximum". The summer is the objective, not Easter. "We cannot afford to have another climb in infections. We will take the measures that have to be taken, as we always prioritise health."


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Zoe / Hace 10 months

I wonder what did they expect? fraction of population vaccinated, tourists from other EU countries with high rate of COVID allowed in (in fact encouraged to come). Are we surprised that the number will go up? No, will be surprised if it did not.


tom / Hace 10 months

This is the same government that only 12 days ago where hosting all the CEOs of the big airlines and travel companies on Mallorca and allowing themselves to be lobbied. Now they start to do a U turn and realise their decisions or lack of , is dangerous and can destroy months off hard work by the Spanish people abiding to the tough restrictions .BLOCK EASTER and save the Summer or some of it .