Tourist tax revenue for 2020 was clearly going to fall dramatically. | Gemma Andreu


The Balearic finance minister Rosario Sánchez reported on Monday that tourist tax revenue for 2020 was over 100 million euros lower than had been budgeted. The amount itemised in the 2020 budget was 128.4 million euros.

The actual loss was 91.5 million, but a modification to the systems of payment - that was approved on Monday - increases this figure. The income was therefore around 27 million euros. For this year, the government has budgeted revenue of 56.9 million.

The modification has to do with the settlement of tax owed by tourist establishments and the estimations of tax to be collected by these establishments. As an example, the final settlement for 2020, which should have been in January, has been postponed until October, the budget for 2021 having previously extended this to May.

Another aspect of the decree law approved by the government on Monday concerns establishments which did not attain an average occupancy of 18.5% in 2020. There is to be individualised reduction of the modules that apply.