Bar & restaurant interiors close again in Mallorca.

Bar & restaurant interiors close again in Mallorca.

22-03-2021Enrique Calvo

The Balearic Government has done an about turn on customers being allowed to eat and drink inside at bars and restaurants in Mallorca.

Just a week after they were reopened the doors are being slammed shut yet again, because of a rise in coronavirus infections and the possibility of a fourth wave and the Social Dialogue Bureau will meet on Tuesday afternoon to address this issue.

The new de-escalation measures were to be reviewed after Easter, but the Balearic President, Francina Armengol made it clear last week that restrictions would be reinstated if there was a rise in coronavirus cases.

What she has not done is address the issue of German tourists coming to Mallorca when infections are skyrocketing in their own country.


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Arthue Robins / Hace 9 months

As a citizen of the UK it is not appropriate for me to comment on the Covid regulations in the Balearics or Spain itself but the decisions will affect whether or not tourism will restart at even medium levels I am currently booked for a 2 week holiday in Majorca in the second half of June but will cancel if conditions not acceptable to make the holiday worthwhile What do I find acceptable and unacceptable? Acceptable: Mask wearing indoors except when eating/drinking. Also when outside and social distancing not possible Unacceptable: Mask wearing on beaches, pools and walking around coastal paths etc where crowding is not a problem. Eating/drinking indoors not permitted At the current time it is unlikely that my holiday will take place, or at least not in Majorca


Rod james / Hace 10 months

Honestly what is the point travelling to these destinations? It could hardly be regarded as a holiday.


Daryn / Hace 10 months

I cant believe they opened the bars before the islanders got the vaccine its crazy


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 10 months

That's because she is trying to appease the Hoteliers Federation, who don't consider anything other than their profits....


Nigel Stack / Hace 10 months

quelle surprise


Leo / Hace 10 months

Correct. Not addressed German increase in virus transmission. More quarantine from outside is necessary. Unfortunately.



Armengol / Hace 10 months

I am losing it. How can after a week the restaurants being blamed? Why are tourist welcome when in almost every country there are rising infection Numbers. Are they all gone mad? I dont get it. Feel really sorry for the restaurants who have opened and need to close again.


Pedro / Hace 10 months

Those with a degree of intelligence knew this would end in tears, and there will be floods of them this week.


Johnf / Hace 10 months

Good hope they stay close to all malllorca as the vaccine and the virus is under control


John Campbell / Hace 10 months

That is why we will not be coming to Mallorca this year because of your lack of vaccinations. Can you also tell me why you would allow Germans to come to your island as well.