Lorena Luque, the truck driver reinstated at EMSER, after denouncing discrimination | E. BALLESTERO


Further to the story two weeks ago about the reinstatement of the only female employee working in frontline services for Pollensa’s municipal services agency, Emser, it would appear that the Emser facilities were visited in May 2019 in order to check on the shower and changing room for this one female employee - Lorena Luque.

The visit was by the town hall councillor for equality, Bianca Aguilar. She was quoted earlier this week as saying that she didn’t submit a report because she was told that she didn’t have competence in this matter.

This apparently had to do with the fact that Emser is a “municipal company”. For some reason, her responsibility didn’t stretch to it.

She says that although the facility complied with the regulations for Emser, her personal opinion was that it was “less than ideal”.

This shower and changing room formed part of the case that was brought against Emser for wrongful dismissal on account of sex discrimination.

The CCOO union had lodged an official complaint about the “humiliating” conditions; she was dismissed after this complaint was made, the town hall saying that the dismissal was because of unfavourable reports from superiors.

The opposition are saying that it is surely within town hall means to at least provide a portable shower for her while getting on with building something more permanent.

The fact that the administration is doing neither, demonstrates “its inability to solve problems however simple they may be”.