The moderate rise in infections has not been reflected by increased hospitalisation. | Miquel À. Cañellas


The Saturday report indicates fifty new positive cases of coronavirus, 49 in Mallorca and one in Minorca. The fifty are seven more than on Friday and give a test rate of 1.89% from 2,645 tests, 202 fewer than Friday.

The numbers of Covid patients on wards are down two in both Mallorca and Ibiza - to 33 and 17 respectively. There are three fewer patients in intensive care in Mallorca (14), while there is no change in Ibiza (six).

Eleven more patients have been discharged from hospital, and a further 46 people who were being monitored by primary care have recovered. The health service is attending to 872 people in the Balearics - this figure on Friday was 873 - while primary care in Mallorca is monitoring 706, seven more. On the other islands, the primary care numbers are Ibiza 70, Minorca 25, Formentera one.

No new deaths have been reported for the second day running; the total since the start of the pandemic remains 779.

The 14-day cumulative incidence of new cases per 100,000 in the Balearics is up from 50.55 to 52.11. In Mallorca it is up from 53.23 to 55.47. On the other islands the incidence is Minorca 25.70, Formentera 24.77, Ibiza 21.63.

The seven-day incidence has dropped from 27.40 to 26.01 (Balearics) and from 28.68 to 27.68 in Mallorca. In Minorca this is 12.85; Ibiza is 8.11 and Formentera is zero.