Brexit woes

Brexit woes.


500 British expats in Spain face being deported after they failed to apply for a residence permit or it was rejected. The British Foreign Office has mounted a major publicity campaign urging British citizens to get their paperwork in order before the March 31 deadline.

Under the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, anyone unregistered who doesn't leave the country within days could be fined or banned from returning.

Spain has introduced the new TIE card for British citizens in Spain.

Shaun Cromber, who voted for Britain to leave the EU in 2016, told Global247News: “Yes I voted out, but I didn’t realise it would come to this, my Spanish residence application has been rejected and we are on our way home – the wife is in tears, she’s distraught if I’m honest and I’m not too happy at the prospect of returning back to the UK.

“I’ve loved living on the Costa del Sol and after 5 years can’t believe it has come to this, we applied but got rejected and so have no choice, although long term I think the Spanish will regret chucking us out of Spain”

In most European Union countries, Britons now only stay without a permit for 90 days out of every 180 days.

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WeRmainEU / Hace 8 months

Many of the British Expats lived under the radar for a very long time. If British Expats have not been bothered to apply for residency before the 31 December 2020 and now want to complain to the courts, a judge will simply say: "As all this was published and clarified before and after that date in the medias, then nobody needs to come and moan". So this is going to be another shot in their own foot! Enjoy the Brexit you have voted for! Meanwhile the question to be asked is: What are British Expats doing in an European country if they voted against the EU and for a Brexit? It was not the EU that voted for Brexit!


Craig / Hace 10 months

I am bored of reading that this is a new thing brought in by Brexit. The 90 day rule has been law for years. So many people have been living here illegaly for some time. The only difference is they are now starting to enforce it.


Mark / Hace 10 months

Congratulations Shaun, you got exactly what you voted for. Go back to the UK and stay there.


Louisa / Hace 10 months

Which department do I contact to ask about this please? Could you print it in the paper


Adrian / Hace 10 months

This is not due to "New Brexit Laws", these are existing laws (Which Britain contributed to when part of the EU) that apply to 3rd countries. Britain voted to become a 3rd country.


Joan / Hace 10 months

It's not about Brexit, living here without residency is committing tax fraud, some of them for many years. Many of them have also been illegal cleaners, taxi drivers, builders etc, without having qualifications or insurance. Brexit just gives the Spanish an easy way to bring an end to it all...


Juan love / Hace 10 months

Poor Shaun. Maybe he could also spare a thought for those who DIDN'T vote Brexit, but also had to leave due to people like him.

"I didn't realise it would come to this!" Yes, the famous last iconic words of those who refused to admit they didn't know what they were voting for.......


Peter / Hace 10 months

Quite apart from Brexit, if they're been living in Spain without residency they've been commiting tax fraud, some of them have not paid tax for many years. In addition, many have been earning money illegally here, and the majority do not integrate or bother to learn the language. Ironically the British have nothing but contempt for foreigners doing that in the UK....


Harry / Hace 10 months

Mrs Belton, could I suggest that it was because they were more concerned about the future of their country than the future of those that are currently members of the EU. I wish you luck in the future but would feel a sense of Karma if, after living several years in Spain, the U.K. denied you entry again when you wanted to pass your last years there with your family.


Grant hodges / Hace 10 months

For those dummies who voted out and are now crying they need to return to the UK ... show their true colors in lack of intelligence