National Police in Mallorca

The National Police economic crimes squad will investigate.


The National Police's economic crimes squad is to investigate the allegations arising from the report on German television regarding a German doctor in Mallorca who has apparently been issuing negative PCR test certificates without performing tests.

Police in Germany are to be asked to contact the RTL television channel and request recordings and information related to the report that was on the show Menschen, Momente, Geschichten. The National Police will also be wanting statements from witnesses, including the journalist Sascha Winkel, whose report this was.

Meanwhile, health authorities in Mallorca and Germany will be formally advised of the allegations.


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Leo / Hace 10 months

A severe penalty is needed if proved. And about time figures are published foe the numbers quarantined for failed tests. Residents and worker have suffered more than enough this past year for secrets to be kept from us. .