The number of people vaccinated twice in Mallorca has topped 40,000. | MDB


The Monday Covid-19 report from the health ministry indicates 37 new positive cases with a test rate of just 0.98% from 3,775 tests. All 37 cases are in Mallorca. There was no Sunday report, but the ministry points to there having been 38 new cases, 35 in Mallorca, two in Minorca and one in Ibiza.

Covid-19 graphic of new cases on the Balearic Islands

It is now eleven days since any new deaths have been reported; the total remains 779. On the wards, the total number of Covid patients has increased by three. In Mallorca there are five more patients (34), but the number in Ibiza is down two to 16. In intensive care units there is no change - 13 patients in Mallorca, five in Ibiza.

Seventy-six more people have recovered, of whom six were in hospital. There has been a slight increase in the total number of people being attended to by the health service - up by nine to 915. In Mallorca, five more people are being monitored by primary care - a total of 738.

Compared with the report of April 3, the 14-day cumulative incidence of new cases per 100,000 in the Balearics is up from 57.59 to 58.46. In Mallorca it remains unchanged - 58.37. The seven-day incidence is down from 30.45 to 27.40 in the Balearics and down from 30.36 to 26.67 in Mallorca.

As to vaccination, a total of 175,920 doses have been administered in the Balearics; 49,533 people have had two doses. The figures for Mallorca are 139,496 and 40,084.