No SOS Turismo at Alcudia town hall | L. OLMO

At this week’s council meeting, a question was raised about the hanging of an SOS Turismo banner at the town hall building. Why wasn’t there one? Had this not been agreed at a previous meeting?

The questioned was raised by Carme Garcia of Unió per Alcudia. She received support from the Partido Popular, Ciudadanos and Vox. The explanations as to why not came from the first and second deputy mayors - Domingo Bonnin and Martí Garcias.

There is full backing for SOS Turismo, but “through actions and not from just behind a banner”. In addition, the town hall administration had been advised by tour operators that the campaign was “counterproductive in terms of tourist image”.

Among other matters raised at the meeting was one to do with the removal of pruning waste. Azahara Machado of Ciudadanos wanted to know why waste along Avenida Tucan hadn’t been taken away. She was assured that it would be and then also asked a similar question in respect of the Bellevue area.

Mayor Barbara Rebassa said that, according to the agreement in exchange for the use of municipal facilities, Bellevue was responsible for maintenance (as set out in the agreement). Domingo Bonnin then observed that the town hall has exclusive responsibility for collecting waste.

Azahara Machado also stated that there are complaints from the Bellevue area about feeling “abandoned”. Tying this remark into what was said about respective responsibilities about sums up the situation.

There never seems to be a clear idea about who is responsible for what; not in the minds of residents at any rate. It would be interesting to know, once and for all, precisely what the agreement that the mayor alluded to consists of.