Five tourists had been robbed. | Archive


Two men, aged 32 and 24, were arrested by the National Police on Thursday in connection with thefts from tourists at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport.

On Thursday afternoon, the police were notified by a shop in the Son Gotleu district of Palma that two men were wanting to buy mobile devices with a value of some 3,000 euros using a credit card in the name of a woman. The manager told the pair that there were no phones for sale in the shop, so they went to another shop where they paid 2,000 euros and later returned to collect another two devices for which a further 2,000 euros were due to be paid.

The police had meanwhile been made aware of this, and officers were waiting for the pair. The two men were searched, and police found the stolen credit card.

Checks were then made, and it was established that a female tourist had reported the theft of her purse at the airport at around 1pm on Thursday. The police verified that there had been four other thefts from tourists at the airport in less than a week. The two were arrested and charged with five thefts and fraud. They both have police records for numerous previous crimes.