Litter of kittens in Menorca

There are many volunteers in Mallorca who care for cat colonies.

11-04-2021Gemma Andreu

The animal-rights party Progreso en Verde has accused certain town halls of wanting to put an end to cat colonies, saying that there are municipal authorities which are turning their backs on volunteers and organisations that have been caring for these colonies for years.

The party has specifically mentioned Bunyola, Manacor and Palma town halls as well as Sant Josep in Ibiza. It alleges that "some municipalities in the Balearics are signing agreements with Natura Parc to take cats from colonies and put them down". The party adds that it will take necessary measures to ensure that "the groups and volunteers who give their time and money to control the colonies are heard".

The president of Progreso en Verde, Guillermo Amengual, asks whether Mallorca is an animal-friendly island. Or is it an "island of torture, mistreatment and death of animals?". "Instead of seeking ethical solutions with associations and volunteers who give their lives for cats, there is a regrettable town hall attitude of criminalising cats. Cats disappear and no one knows anything."

Amengual has attacked other political parties for only being interested in animal rights during election campaigns. His party is calling for there to be a public veterinary hospital which can collaborate on the neutering of cats.


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Paulo / Hace 8 months

Yes the island is not very kind to animals & birds. In Calvia they secretly exterminated the colonies of parakeets without any public voice being heard. Many tourists (when it used to be possible) were disappointed with their disappearance. They did a thorough job though & not a single parakeet survived. The only time the island has been so efficient.