Jet2 cancels flights.

Jet2 cancels flights.


Mallorca is the worst hit area in Spain following the decision by Jet2 to cancel all flights until June 23 because of the on-going Covid situation.

The move by Jet2 to halt flights and holidays between April 12 and June 23 means that 120,000 aircraft seats will be lost to the Balearics, according to a report by Spanish news agency Efe. The total for Spain is 800,000 seats.

The Mallorcan tourist industry is deeply concerned by the move. There were hopes that British tourists would start arriving on the island at the end of May.


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PHILL / Hace 9 months

Lizz and John, jog on. Lizz in particular sounds like the most tedious person in the world. Top tip Lizz, when you say something, have a point or an arguement. You just spout crap and clearly have an IQ of 70 like most ex pats on the Island. Lizz have you thought about running against Armengol? You seem like a similar person.


Andy / Hace 9 months

Martin, you sound like a clown who owns 2 small villlas worth kcuf all and 3 businesses my ar$e, what doing? Cleaning your 2 bed apartments in Magaluf. You are a complete fraudster. Watch out those three amazing businesses don't go bust this summer pal. Although knowing you and a lot of other skanky Brits, your business probably involves selling narcotics or illegal alcohol. How proud you must be Martin the marvellous.


Martin / Hace 9 months

Andy well just for your info I actually lam an immigrant too who lives on the island and owns 2 villas and 3 businesses employing 25 mallorquins so I think I can well afford 20 euros brits like you make me ashamed you are obviously a clown that should only work in a circus 🤡


john / Hace 9 months

What started out as Jet2 sensibly delaying their holiday program, has turned into the biggest load of Cr*p written I have seen yet. I'm glad I don't know most of these arrogant people who commented on this article.


Lizz / Hace 9 months

PHILL people of a certain standing do not, and I’ll reiterate do not, make those kind of remarks. It saddens me immensely that people such you are allowed a platform for your vitriol Happily your type are in the minority on the island, I don’t know for certain but I’d like to bet you’re one of the many rip off merchants that we would like to get rid of.


Phil / Hace 9 months

Johnno, we need people like you the underclass, who else is going to mow our lawns or wash our cars. We appreciate your subserviant place in life. Hell I would be happy to pay for your next MaccyD's/KFC or tattoo as a sign of my appreciation.


Johnno / Hace 9 months

Phil another 10 bob Brit obviously new money and no manners.


Phil / Hace 9 months

Paco, if your place was the size of mine with amazing views, you would want to spend more than 90 days here at a time. Obviously you have a 1 bed apartment in Palma Nova. The UK is a grey cold $#ithole with too many people and a tanking economy. Enjoy your sad little life there.


Paco / Hace 9 months

For those with holiday properties in Majorca they are just that and therefore the 90/180 rolling time frame is perfect. When we visit we spend big on car hire restaurants and the local EROSKI supermarkets rather than the German owned alternatives. So for us Brexit is the best of both worlds and if any problems crop up we can happily sell to a rich German (If there are any left) and relocate to Gibraltar. Game set match for us Brexiteers.


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 9 months

Had to laugh at this.. Hoteliers in Mallorca take drastic action, Hotel occupation set to plummet in Mallorca". I guess they're planning to increase the contents of their brown envelopes for Amengol & Co.Ltd...