Patricia Gómez, who has faced questions about the vaccination information. | IB3

The health minister, Patricia Gómez, said on Tuesday that the IB-Salut health service will provide the anti-corruption office with all the information it has requested regarding senior officials who have been vaccinated, "as we have nothing to hide".

This matter was raised in parliament, Gómez insisting that the government has not refused to send information to the office. "The government does not hide information from anyone, least of all the anti-corruption office."

The minister explained that the office had requested information for the entire population who had been vaccinated between December 27 and March 2. This affected some 130,000 people. "The office did not at any time require the names and surnames of senior officials who had been vaccinated."

Because of this, the health service studied whether it could legally provide information affecting such a large number of people. In addition, Gómez told parliament, the anti-corruption office has recognised that "European regulations do not allow this". The office therefore withdrew its original request.

A new request will be answered by the health service "in time and in the correct form, as we have nothing to hide".

Idoia Ribas of Vox wanted to know the reason for the concealment of information. "Could it be that they do not want to offer it as there have been officials who have been vaccinated before it was their turn and they do not want this to be known?" Ribas was of the view that a series of people have taken advantage of their position in order to be vaccinated early. "Unlike what has happened in other parts of Spain, they are hiding this so that there don't have to be resignations. It is insulting that the minister wants us to believe that these officials were just passing by one day when too many vaccines had been prepared."

For the Partido Popular, Nuria Riera suggested that this all marked a new chapter in the government's "obscurantism". "You hide the list, you violate the law of the anti-corruption office. What do you want to cover up, Sra. Gómez? There are rumours about socialist politicians in the government having been vaccinated irregularly. Can you assure us that Sra. Armengol was not vaccinated before Sr. Yllanes?" (Juan Pedro Yllanes, the vice-president who is 61, received his first dose of vaccine on Sunday.)

The minister said again that the government will respond to the anti-corruption office's request and that everything will be fully accredited. "There is no conflict" with the office.