"Eyesore" on the Calvia dual carriage way. | Vox

Vox has requested a meeting with the Association for the Revitalisation of Old Centers (ARCA) to discuss ways of tackling graffiti and the poor condition of the Calvia dual carriage way, which has been slammed as an “eyesore”.

Vox’s spokesperson on the Council of Majorca, Pedro Bestard, visited Calvia yesterday to inspect the graffiti along the sides of the road following a flood of complaints from drivers and cyclists who regularly use the stretch of road.

“The road is full of potholes and bumps. The road surface is in a terrible state, which poses a serious risk to the safety of drivers and especially cyclists,” said Bestard, who accused the Council of Majorca of ignoring the problem.

In the meeting with ARCA, Vox said that it wants to find solutions to the complaints received about the graffiti, which gives the area a dreadful reputation and destroys the visual appearance of the landscape and environment.