"Eyesore" on the Calvia dual carriage way

"Eyesore" on the Calvia dual carriage way.


Vox has requested a meeting with the Association for the Revitalisation of Old Centers (ARCA) to discuss ways of tackling graffiti and the poor condition of the Calvia dual carriage way, which has been slammed as an “eyesore”.

Vox’s spokesperson on the Council of Majorca, Pedro Bestard, visited Calvia yesterday to inspect the graffiti along the sides of the road following a flood of complaints from drivers and cyclists who regularly use the stretch of road.

“The road is full of potholes and bumps. The road surface is in a terrible state, which poses a serious risk to the safety of drivers and especially cyclists,” said Bestard, who accused the Council of Majorca of ignoring the problem.

In the meeting with ARCA, Vox said that it wants to find solutions to the complaints received about the graffiti, which gives the area a dreadful reputation and destroys the visual appearance of the landscape and environment.


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Robert / Hace 9 months

What about the rest of the island. Palma city centre is now just a disgrace to all concerned. A dreadful eyesore for all those new potential first time tourists and for all of us who permantly live here. Graffiti is sprayed on ancient monuments, private houses which the local council totally ignore and dont even make any effort/attempt to clean it up, so new graffiti is added almost on a daily basis.

There have not been any flowers in the flower beds in the Borne for years, the same applies to the beds in front of El Cortes Ingles on the Avenida. They are just kept empty and occasionally dug over. What cant they be re planted?

What ever has happened to the pride n beautification of the city???


Ralph Hedley / Hace 9 months

I’m sorry to say that Calvia is NOT the only place to suffers from graffiti. Take a tour of the island, it is EVERYWHERE, walls, buildings, trains. It’s a disgrace that this small island cannot contain the virus of graffiti. It’s not art, it’s vandalism, it’s ugly, it’s meaningless and it devalues the beauty of this island.


Ken Bryan / Hace 9 months

Mallorca needs to rapidly put a stop to the graffiti vandals, The Calvia stonework on the dual carriageway is the worst but the island is becoming overrun by these vandals, How about some high profile arrests and imprisonment. Mallorca is no longer welcoming to tourists . Its becoming like the bronx....


Jonas / Hace 9 months

It’s baffling how no body seems able to catch these people especially as we aren’t allowed out after 10pm.