Vaccination priority.

Vaccination priority.


Greece, which will open its tourist season on May 15, is prioritizing the COVID-19 vaccination of residents of its islands, authorities said.

The country has hundreds of inhabited islands and is eager to draw visitors back after its worst year in decades in 2020. The industry accounts for a fifth of the economy and one in five jobs.

Most will have been vaccinated by the end of May, officials said.

"Our islands are a great priority for us, and a great responsibility," Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias said during a visit to the Cycladic island of Irakleia, which has fewer than 100 residents.

"We urge everyone to get vaccinated, especially the elderly, the vulnerable groups, but also younger ones," he said.



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tom / Hace 9 months

Mallorca has a surface area of 3640000000 square meters. If we give every tourist 10 square meters to spend his holiday on Mallorca this summer, we can then accept at any given time 364.000.000 million tourists. Since its one of the very few places one could go on a holiday at the moment , it should be just about big enough as an island to accept all of Europes population to come here in the summer ! . feeding the tourists might be difficult etc but no need to think ahead about such issues . But getting them here should be no problem as all airlines love to redirect all their complete plane fleets to Mallorca. etc... stop the insanity . Limit the number of greedy hotels owners, planes, cruise ships, tourists etc. to something the island can manage and take and that is sustainable. Focus on vaccinating all its inhabitants, and do not focus on pushing mass tourism.


Alan / Hace 9 months

A pity that Spain doesn't feel that way....


Rick Daher / Hace 9 months

Did you see that? Greek islands’ governments urging residents to get vaccinated. Here we need to urge the authorities, no plead, to get things sorted and increase vaccination rate. Alas.


Lisa / Hace 9 months

Clever Greeks!!!

Spain is hanging the Balearic isles out to dry. But will still want it’s pound (or euro) of tax cash.

The Greeks understand the British traffic light rules - green is for vaccination safety.

It’s simple.