The National Police searched the flat. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


A court of instruction in Palma is reopening of a case concerning a 42-year-old drug addict who died of an overdose in Palma last year.

The prosecution service has been sent recordings by the court that relate to events of July 13. The 42-year-old woman, her 44-year-old partner and the woman's son, who is a minor, were at their flat in Palma. The woman would appear to have lost consciousness as a result of drug-taking. Her partner put her in the bath in an attempt to revive her. He was unable to, so he carried her to the bedroom. He fell asleep, while she was dying. When he woke up, he discovered that she was dead. He left the flat without informing anyone what had happened.

Some time later, the son went to his mother's bedroom. He phoned a neighbour, asking for help. "She's been asleep all day. When I went to wake her up, she didn't respond." The neighbour phoned the 112 emergencies number.

The National Police took charge of the investigation, which pointed to drug use as the cause of death. The flat was searched and the police report noted that "there were many empty beer bottles in both the bedroom and the kitchen".

A Madrid-based law firm launched a judicial investigation, which was archived in October 2020 for lack of evidence. However, new evidence has emerged that could lead to the reopening of the case. This consists of a recording between the woman's partner and a neighbour in which he (the partner) apparently acknowledges that he did not help the woman. He therefore allowed her to die as a result of her overdose.

The law firm states in a letter that the man was "perfectly aware of the condition in which he found the deceased". "He abandoned her to her fate." It is possible, the firm argues, that had he called the emergency services, "the life of the deceased would have been saved".

The court of instruction has sent the evidence to the prosecutor's office, as it indicates that there was a failure to give assistance.