Will there still be a curfew after May 9? | Pere Bota


Balearic government spokesperson Iago Negueruela reiterated on Monday that the government is working on establishing a framework for maintaining certain restrictions after the state of alarm is lifted on May 9.

Advice is being taken from the government's legal services, Negueruela stating that the pandemic won't be ending when the state of alarm does. May will be an "important month" for maintaining certain measures.

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There needs to be a "clear framework" once the main issues about measures that can be applied are resolved. The minister noted that the Balearics had previously applied restrictions before the second state of alarm was introduced, stressing that "we will not go from a situation that we currently have to one where there are no restrictions". Measures are necessary in order to control the pandemic and maintain public security.

Asked at the post-cabinet meeting press briefing if this legal framework will include a curfew, Negueruela observed that "there are still some days to do the analysis" of measures that need to be maintained. The curfew, he said, "is an instrument" and "the safest framework has to be established".

The minister was also asked about health controls at ports and airports after May 9. He did not specify whether PCR or antigen tests will be required for all travellers arriving in the Balearics. This will be determined by the government's committee of health experts.