The closure of establishments led to a fall in the number of complaints. | Archive


In 2020, Palma town hall proceedings because of noise almost trebled They increased by 275%, as there were 536 sanctions procedures compared with 205 in 2019. Of the 536, the great majority applied to individuals. In 2019, there was a roughly even split between individuals and establishments.

The health and consumer affairs department at the town hall says that the increase was mainly due to complaints about individuals and neighbours making noise during lockdown. As businesses were closed for periods of time, the complaints about these, e.g. bars, came down.

As for breaches of opening hours, the town hall reports a 36% decrease from 366 in 2019 to 234 last year.

There was also a decrease in the number of permissions which allow exemption from noise regulations - these are for fiestas and other occasions deemed to be of general in interest. There were 108 in 2020, whereas there were 385 in 2019.