The tourism sector is calling for a change to vaccination criteria. | Archive


The CEHAT hotels confederation in Spain is warning that the pace and efficiency of vaccination programmes in competitor destinations threaten Spain's tourism competitiveness this summer.

The confederation's president, Jorge Marichal, says that it is vital that after the most vulnerable in the population have been vaccinated, the Spanish government should adopt a criterion of "risk to exposure", regardless of age.

Marichal draws attention to the priority being given to tourism sector workers in Croatia, Greece and Turkey - all "strong competitors for the summer season" - and argues that there should be a similar policy in Spain for workers who have direct contact with tourists.

The tourism sector, he adds, cannot afford another "lost summer". The CEHAT plan "is essential to save the season, as travellers will opt for safe destinations where there are high levels of vaccination".

The confederation suggests that workers who are at most risk could be identified through social security. It has previously identified the likes of supermarket checkout workers as others who are at high risk.