The Cathedral's terraces. | Archive


From Monday, the Cathedral will be offering free tours of its terraces. This will not be the first time that there have been free tours, but the Cathedral's management says that it will be a first for adapting to current circumstances with a new type of tour, which will take in the terraces, the flying buttresses, the main rose window, the bell tower and views of the city. Tours will be conducted so as to ensure that there are not concentrations of people.

Starting from June, there will be a guided tour of the entire route, including the pinnacles.

From Monday, there will be four tour shifts between 10am and 1pm from Monday to Saturday. The tours will be one hour and will require bookings at the ticket office or via the Cathedral's website - The tours will be free for Mallorca residents.

In June, the tour will be five euros for residents; there will be one free tour each Friday. For non-residents, the price will be 20 euros.