The man was being treated by a doctor at Son Espases. | Teresa Ayuga

A man has been sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for two years, for having threatened to kill a doctor at Son Espases Hospital in Palma.

He was a patient of the doctor's. The patient-doctor relationship was normal until the man started to demand that the doctor prescribe him more opiates. At this point, his attitude started to become aggressive, and matters came to a head in October 2019 when his wife, under the supervision of the same doctor, was admitted to Son Espases.

On October 18, he phoned the doctor's office. The call was taken by a nursing assistant, who was told that he was going to kill the doctor. He phoned again the next day and this time spoke to the doctor's secretary. He said that he knew where the doctor lived and that he had a gun.

His defence argued that his faculties were diminished by drug use. He admitted the facts in a Palma court and accepted the six-month sentence, which was suspended for two years on condition that he does not commit another crime and that he undergoes treatment for drug addiction.