Curfew in Mallorca

The curfew in Mallorca is set to extend beyond May 9.

06-05-2021Miquel A. Cañellas

The Balearic government has now got the authorisation it was seeking for adopting specific measures after the state of alarm ends on May 9. The Balearic High Court has endorsed the measures that were passed at an urgent meeting of the cabinet on Wednesday, the court having returned the government's proposal saying that it could not rule on what was no more than a consultation document. The government had to pass measures before the court was in a position to give a decision.

The court has yet to make its ruling public, but the government has been notified of the decision, which was not unanimous. Three of the five judges had rejected the original proposal, and three of the five now support the revised proposal.

Extension of the curfew is one of the measures. The others relate to controls at ports and airports, limiting numbers of people for private gatherings, and limiting capacities at places of worship. The curfew is currently from 11pm to 6am, and will almost certainly continue to be.


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Rich / Hace 9 months

So the 11-6 virus is more virulent, shall we call it the 'Armengol variant'. I've heard the vaccine for it goes by the name of 'electorate'. Sadly there are a few years in its development still to go but I've been told to expect 100% effectiveness.


Eva Herzgovina / Hace 9 months

Crazy that our balearic government decided to go against the spanish constitution- and even more crazy that the court gave them the rights. What’s coming next with the COVID as an excuse? As cases goes down - restrictions goes up. It doesn’t seem logical - but hey when was ever something logical in Spain or with this government? !


Krishna de Gruchy / Hace 9 months

This is ridiculous, how much were they bribed?


Ana Lopez Gonzales / Hace 9 months

This is how a true totalitarian police state looks like. Our balearic government are supreme to fundamental rights and our Spanish constitution. How long will this go on? Basta Ya!