The councillor have been vaccinated early in the process. | PART FORANA l Página 33¶La regid


In reference to his investigation into allegations of vaccination queue-jumping by government senior officials, the director of the anti-corruption office, Jaume Far, recently said that he had received only two complaints. One was from the Partido Popular in respect of the senior officials, the other was from a group of opposition parties at a town hall.

Circumspect he may have been in not stating which town hall, but there was no need. Everyone knows that it's Pollensa. And in case anyone didn't, the three opposition parties - Alternativa, Junts and Podemos - have renewed their offensive in publicly asking Far's office to inform them as to the status of their complaint and the investigation.

There are two aspects to this complaint. One concerns the vaccination of Francisca Cerdà, the social welfare councillor, and the other is to do with the regular PCR tests for the councillor and the mayor, Tomeu Cifre. Where the tests are concerned, the opposition parties allege possible abuse of public funds. It is the lesser of their charges, for which they say that new information has been forwarded to the anti-corruption office.

Where this all goes, who can say. There may indeed have been a legitimate reason for the councillor having been vaccinated early in the process. But I'm afraid that all credibility was lost because she lied about it before she and the mayor were forced to hold a press conference and admit that she had been vaccinated. Resignation should have followed.