Some prices for tests are much higher than they should be. | Archive

The Balearic government's decree for measures once the state of alarm ends includes price control of tests.

The maximum price for a PCR will be 75 euros and for an antigen test it will be 30 euros. These prices, President Armengol explained on Friday, are in order to protect citizens, given that "many countries will demand a test in order to be able to enter".

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At present, the tests are at higher prices than those established, and - she suggested - are priced this way because tourists have to have tests in order to return. The decree will therefore be of benefit to tourists who need negative tests for their return journeys.

Under the decree, fines have been established for the failure to present a negative test for entering the Balearics. These will depend on whether someone arriving without one then tests positive. There is a range of fines from 100 to 3,000 euros.

The decree, Armengol concluded, "will provide stability and security" for the three phases of reopening and reactivation that will last another month.