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Increasing competition on shipping routes will have a beneficial impact on the prices of maritime transport. For routes between the Balearics and the mainland and within the Balearics, business associations believe that prices will be down some 25% by June.

The German company FRS is the latest to enter the market, initially with the ferry route between Alcudia and Ciutadella. It joins Grimaldi, which has acquired five Trasmediterránea ships as well as terminals, GNV (part of MSC), Corsica Ferries and Baleària.

The director general for ports and airports, Xavier Ramis, says that a "genuine revolution" is taking place. The price of shipping goods will become "much more competitive", and there will be the same beneficial impact for passengers.

Francesc Mulet, president of the Aviba association of travel agencies, believes that there will be a progressive lowering of prices because there is so much competition. Passengers will notice the benefit from June. The president of the association of goods transporters, Ezequiel Horrach, says that the traditional disadvantage of insularity will be reduced because of lower prices of goods.

For Ramis, the entry into the market of new players will create "a before and after" in respect of the insularity issue. "Businesses and the productive sectors in the Balearics will be more competitive."