Playa de Palma, popular with German tourists.

Playa de Palma, popular resort.


With British tourism firmly off the radar until at least next month the Balearic President, Francina Armengol, is leading a local delegation to Berlin starting today to underline the fact that the islands are a safe holiday destination.

Armengol will be holding talks with representatives of the German tourist industry in an effort to kick-start the tourist season.

The German market is even more important now because Spain failed to make Britain´s green list of "safe" holiday destinations. Tourist industry sources said that Germany could help "save" part of the holiday season.

Britain´s decision has been seen as a hammer blow for the local tourist industry.


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adam / Hace 8 months

yes, british travellers being refused entry every other day at PMI. and this will continue until end of june, because the UK is now in the same third country group as Cameroon and Guatemala.


john / Hace 8 months

It happens Ricky. He was probably having a bad day! Normally they are a bit off sometimes. Should have asked him did he need anything as you were going shopping :)


Ricky / Hace 8 months

Just marginally off-topic, but has anyone else noticed that as a result of Covid we now appear to be living in a police state? Last week I was stopped in my car on a roundabout in Calvià. No Hola, nothing, just a member of the guardia literally shouting at me to ask where I was going. I replied: Mercadona (20 meters away in plain sight). He waved me away with a dismissive gesture. Five years ago I was stopped for an alcohol test (a practice I agree with) and having passed it, naturally, I was thanked and saluted. Anyone else been treated with automatic disrespect recently? Interested to know.


Mark Badoer / Hace 8 months

Stan, what newspapers do you read? You figures are not just a little wrong, but WAY out wrong. What a load of tosh. Hurray for Mike R, who actually talks sense.


johnb / Hace 8 months

Also I agree with you Terry. They are shooting themselves in the foot.


Johnb / Hace 8 months

As far as I know Terry, you will be turned away because your not a resident and travel not permitted in May from the U.K, as set out by Spain.Also, I think the airport control are being ruthless with the NO T.I.E card, NO entry for the residents.


Peter Alan walker / Hace 8 months

The green list announced last week is ridiculous and an insult to people’s intelligence.

However, just as ridiculous is Spain and particularly The Balearic Island disappointment in not being included. After all what would be the point of including any country that had just extended its ban on United Kingdom tourists.

The UK has the best vaccination record and one of the lowest infection rates in Europe but it seems EU nationals, escaping lockdowns in their homelands are more welcome.

If the British tourists go elsewhere for holidays it is Spain’s own fault


tom / Hace 8 months

15 million Euros out of 300K tourists, is chicken feed with a high risk probability of infections being brought in and out, irrelevant if pcr test and vaccination as Covid can still be transported by those people. A point they all like to forget. Since Armengol is probably being paid by the tourism industry hence her visit to Germany, to lobby for it , this combined with predicted to be expected 1 to 2 million tourists over the next 2 to 4 months will result in corona back in full force and lock down for all those that live her . So dear Government of Mallorca if that happens, then please advise who will pay for the losses for those people , as it was and is you that is pushing the tourism lobby at all times , instead of being politically correct and not favouring one business sector only. ! and putting your people who elected you and their health and safety first , before allowing hords of tourists in or at least limiting their numbers and having lots of safety protocols and restrictions in place.


Janet Stack / Hace 8 months

Just because you have had your jabs and a neg PCR test does not mean you are not still a carrier of the infection caught after the PCR test. Bring it here and infect a population that has still to reach the 70% safety mark.


nigel / Hace 8 months

James T, the MDB also reported the great increase of ¿new? residents, the ones that were permanent tourists becoming residents, there is no reported figures of this floating population, however, it is still a lot of revenue to be missing and I am sure the island will feel the shortfall. And John, I think you are 100% correct.