The Alcudia port.

During March, the five state ports in the Balearics (Palma, Alcudia, Mahon, Ibiza and La Savina) moved 1,224,055 tonnes of goods. This represented a seven per cent increase compared with March 2020, a month partially affected by the state of alarm and lockdown. The growth was higher than the national average of 4.6%, and Alcudia - in percentage terms - led the growth in the Balearics. There was a 140% increase in freight traffic and a 48% rise in the number of passengers.

The Balearic Ports Authority points out, and quite obviously, that the lower the quantities that are handled, the higher the growth percentage rises will be. Nevertheless, the improvement at Alcudia's port is "evident".

There was a 123% increase for solid bulk, such as cement. The volume was up from 7,939 tonnes in March 2020 to 17,719 tonnes. For liquid bulk transport, mostly fuel, there was a 67% increase from 3,213 to 5,357 tonnes.

The figures for Alcudia contrast with a 33% decrease in solid bulk transport for the five ports together as well as a 43.8% fall in liquid bulk and a four per cent drop in passenger numbers. Alcudia's passengers rose from 10,495 in March last year to 15,543 this March.

For the five ports there was a 15% increase in the transport of general merchandise. This was up from 975,719 tonnes to 1,120,484 tonnes. At Alcudia's port, the 140% increase was from 39,216 tonnes to 93,989 tonnes.

In terms of the number of vessels, there was a general increase of 29%. For Alcudia, the rise was 43% from 68 to 97 vessels.