British Health Secretary, Matt Hancock.

British Health Secretary, Matt Hancock.

16-03-2021Reuters/John Sibley

Health Secretary, Matt Hancock has caused anger and disbelief in the UK after urging Brits to stay away from ‘Amber’ list countries.

"People should not travel to ‘Amber’ or ‘Red’ list countries unless it’s absolutely necessary," he told Times Radio, adding that Britons should “certainly not” travel to Italy, France, Greece or Spain.

The UK’s International travel ban has now been lifted and British tourists are clearly paying zero attention to Hancock because thousands headed for Airports in England at dawn on Monday morning.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson dealt a huge blow to the Balearics last week when he announced that no more countries would be added to the ‘Green’ list in the near future, but politicians in the Balearics and the Canaries are still pushing for the Islands to be considered separately from mainland Spain.


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Brett Dennis / Hace 8 months

If a country's health minister advocated travelling to amber and red listed countries, he would be out of a job. People have to be realistic,come on.


Lizz / Hace 8 months

Of course they don’t want us to go abroad, the politicians would much rather have us spend our money in the UK


Colin / Hace 8 months

I do not understand the anger. Brits are not allowed to visit Spain - they will be turned away on arrival. So, what is the issue?


Geoff / Hace 8 months

I would be there right now if spain dropped the ban for UK....


David / Hace 8 months

We have in the UK got to a point of very high vaccination coverage by listening to the Science and our own common sense. It’s obvious that unless Spain and other countries catch up to high levels of vaccination our government is not going to allow travel to Spain and other countries until it is proved safe. Restaurant, hotel and other sectors can scream that this is unfair. Over 130,000 people who have sadly died through this appalling pandemic, in the Uk alone, would also scream this is unfair, along with their families and friends. Science rules in this pandemic, not any industry, we all want to travel, get back to normal life. But only when it is proved safe. Until then we wish you well.


Jeremy / Hace 8 months

It does not matter - Spain is the issue - they won't let us in!


Paula Fleet / Hace 8 months

We're not allowed into Spain as holidaymakers!