Curfew being eased

Curfew being eased.

17-05-2021Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The starting time for the curfew in the Balearics will be an hour later as of May 24 (overnight Sunday) - it will be moved back to midnight and still continue until 6am.

Government spokesperson Iago Negueruela announced this change on Monday and another slight relaxation of Covid regulations. The number of people who can gather socially outdoors will increase from six to eight. Indoors, the number will remain six. This relaxation for outdoor gatherings excludes bar and restaurant terraces, which for now will still be limited to four people per table. This is a measure, noted Negueruela, "which has worked".

The government is to ask the Balearic High Court to allow the extension of measures, which will still include the obligation for people arriving in the Balearics to present negative PCR tests and the 50% capacity limit for places of worship.

The minister said that the door was open to a lengthening of opening hours for bars and restaurants because of the later curfew. Closing time is currently 10.30pm. Discussions are to be held this week regarding conditions for the opening of bar and restaurant interiors. A government proposal is to allow establishments without terraces to open interiors but not those establishments with terraces.


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John Goddard / Hace 8 months

What are the beach rules for Mallorca, do we need a pcr test, as we are residents in Valencia, both had vaccinations.


Paul / Hace 9 months

He’d have said yesterday if he’d meant the 16th.


John Jones / Hace 9 months

When you say "This Sunday" do you mean May 16th or May 23rd?