Travellers at an airport

Travellers at an airport.

21-05-2021PEDRO NUNES

Spain will allow travellers from Britain and Japan into the country without a negative PCR test for COVID-19 from May 24, according to an order published in the state gazette on Friday.

UK restrictions still require travellers returning to Britain from Spain to isolate upon arrival.

Britain, Spain's largest market for foreign tourists, will be included on the list, as well as Australia, New Zealand and Israel among others.

"They're welcome - more than welcome - without restrictions nor health controls," he told reporters at the fair.

With hotel reservations already recuperating since a state of emergency expired earlier this month, Sanchez said the new travel regime would allow international tourist arrivals to reach up to 70% of pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year.

This summer he forecast arrivals could reach 30%-40% of 2019's levels. The number of foreign tourists to Spain plummeted more than 80% in 2020 following the COVID-19 restrictions.


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mackem jim / Hace 8 months

desperate people do desperate things as Germany has closed its borders to the brits due to the Indian strain of covid yet Iberia wants all Brits back in any shape or form for the financial gain.So much for the Euro countrys playing the same game.I usually go on holiday to Majorca 3 times a year but not this time as we Brits have to quarintine for 10 days on returning back to UK and not many firms will allow this sort of leave so for know i will keep my money for next year or maybe Iberia might be on the green list shortly,fingers crossed.


Gazza / Hace 8 months

Europe decides to allow vaccinated Brits to enter EU........ Spain to allow travel without PCR..... Germany closes its ports to all but residents and German passport holders travelling from UK, with a mandatory 2 week quarantine period. The disunity of the Union continues


David Robinson / Hace 8 months

Great news!


Pedro / Hace 8 months

Clearly, we are not in a raging deadly global pandemic! It was all a bad dream and we can now resume where tourism left off in 2019. Oh dear - this is desperation beyond common sense.


Alan Smith / Hace 8 months

Post 23rd May By ferry UK to Bilboa - no covid test travel to Barcelona By ferry Barcelona to Palma - test required ??


TJ / Hace 8 months

@Steve people from India will be self isolating, not jumping on a plane to Mallorca


David / Hace 8 months

Seems all is working like clockwork in the EU yet again. One day it’s agreed digital passes will be in place from the 1st of July and if any spikes occur a member country can act accordingly. But this hasn’t all been voted on yet!!! So Spain jumps the gun, let’s let the Brits in from this Monday!!! It so fills me with confidence to know that all is running smoothly still n Europe and even smoother in Spain. We are itching to get back to Majorca for a multitude of reasons. This last24 hours just confirms our thoughts that it’s chaos as usual and we will stay put in the Uk for the foreseeable.


Johno / Hace 8 months

Message not got through to Armengol and co that Brits will not be visiting Majorca this year until you can reach the same levels as those in the UK. Even those of us with properties in Majorca will be using common sense and will stay in the UK this year, so see you next year hopefully.


John Gaughan / Hace 8 months

Its all about money. Travel should be stopped until next year. I have loved going to Majorca for the last 40 years but until everything is more or less back to how it was I will not be venturing abroad.


Max Sullivan / Hace 8 months

Not many will come with the mask mandate still in place.