An interior of a restaurant which will now be open until 18.00. | P. BOTA


The latest Balearic government Covid measures come into effect at midnight on Saturday into Sunday. They will apply for fifteen days.

Bars and restaurants. Interiors can open. In Minorca and Formentera this will be at 50% capacity. In Mallorca and Ibiza it will be 30% capacity for establishments with terraces; 50% for those without. The maximum number of people inside will be 150. Four people to a table is the maximum. Closing time will be 6pm.

For terraces, 100% capacity to a maximum of 250 people. In Mallorca and Ibiza, four people to a table; in Minorca six and in Formentera eight. Closing time will be 11pm, except in Formentera, where it will be 11.30pm.

Travel. Negative tests will no longer be required for travellers from elsewhere in Spain if they have had Covid or have been vaccinated at least fifteen days before travel. People coming from regions with a 14-day incidence of 60 or lower will not need to present a negative test either. For others, PCR or antigen tests will be required.

Non-contact outdoor activity, including hiking. The maximum number of people is to be increased from 15 to 30.

Wakes, burials and other ceremonies. Up to 50 people outdoors and 20 people indoors, so long as 50% capacity is not exceeded.

Dance academies. An increase from 15 to 20 people in the same room; capacity of 50%.

Outdoor and indoor sports facilities and swimming pools. For directed activities in the same room/hall, a maximum of 20 people for low-intensity activities and 15 for high-intensity. These numbers are to increase from 15 and ten respectively. The wearing of masks is obligatory. Changing room occupancy of 50% capacity. For static activities, such as weights training, 50% capacity.

Sports events. For competitions that come under the scope of regional regulation, in covered facilities, 30% capacity to a maximum of 200 people. In uncovered facilities, 50% capacity to a maximum of 500. For national and international sports competitions, 30% capacity to a maximum of 500 in covered facilities; 50% capacity to a maximum of 1,000 in uncovered facilities.

Federated and organised sports practice. For organised, non-federated sport, training with physical contact will be allowed. For federated sport, training for team sports and physical contact will be maintained as well as for corresponding regional competitions for federated athletes from the age of six.

Cinemas and big top circuses. Consumption of food and drink will be allowed. Capacity increases to 50%.

Theatres, auditoriums, concert halls and similar. Theatres, auditoriums and concert halls will need to have pre-assigned seats and with two-thirds capacity. In other spaces where similar events are held, the capacity will increase from 500 to 1,000 outdoors and from 200 to 400 indoors.

Libraries, museums and similar. Maximum capacity is to be 75%. For group activities, a maximum of 30 indoors and 50 outdoors.

Gambling and betting establishments. Will continue to open until 10pm with 50% capacity. They may have restaurant activity until 6pm. Good ventilation is mandatory.

Children's entertainment venues. 50% capacity and groups to a maximum of 20 indoors and 50 outdoors.

Shops, department stores and shopping centres. For shops, closing time is 10pm. Capacity is to be increased to 100%. The same time and capacity will apply also to department stores and shopping centres, which will have to ensure that CO2 levels are not exceeded by keeping them below 800 ppm. Measuring devices visible to the public will need to have been installed.

Conferences, business meetings and similar. A maximum of 150 people outdoors and 100 indoors, for which a maximum capacity of 75% will apply. The recommendation is for these events to be conducted online. In auditorium-style venues, 50% capacity to a maximum of 500 people. For conferences aimed exclusively at healthcare professionals, a capacity of 75% and a maximum of 1,000.

Recreation centres for senior citizens. 50% capacity will continue, but there will be increases in numbers of people - from 30 to 50 outdoors and from 15 to 20 indoors. In the case of Mallorca and Ibiza, there can be indoor restaurant activity until 6pm, following the same regulations as for bars and restaurants.

Hotels, refuges and other tourist establishments. 50% capacity for common spaces. The use of shared rooms is allowed to a 50% capacity and a maximum of six people. Holiday rental properties - a maximum of six people.

Markets. 100% of the usual and authorised stalls, regardless of the number of stalls.