Police in Cas Capiscol, Palma.

Police in Cas Capiscol, Palma.

22-05-2021A. Sepúlveda

A Spanish couple have been arrested in Palma for allegedly having sex in the street in broad daylight.

A woman who was shopping with her two young children saw the couple in a supermarket car park in the Las Capsicol district of the city at around 18:00 on Saturday.

She was horrified by what she and the children had witnessed and immediately called 091.

Police Officers were deployed to the scene and the man and woman were charged with alleged exhibitionism and sexual provocation and taken to National Police Headquarters.


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john / Hace 8 months

There's a time and place for carnivorous pleasure. No reason why we have to share it,and especially children.


tom / Hace 8 months

The shocked mother seems to have forgotten how her children where made...after months of lock down seems this couple needed some fresh air... Al fresco.


Mark Badoer / Hace 8 months

Funny how it is totally acceptable kids are experts with video games in martial arts, war lords, war games, shoot the crap out of everybody games, plastic machine guns in Alcampo and Carrefour, etc etc......but the most natural thing on earth that everybody likes....that is totally unacceptable.