Joan Collins, who arrived in Mallorca on Tuesday. | Joan Llado


Dame Joan Collins, who arrived in Mallorca on Tuesday, has been relaxing on the island and has had the time to answer a few questions from the Majorca Daily Bulletin ...

What do you like most about Mallorca?

"I first came to the island when I was a teenager and later shot a film here. At that time Mallorca was very different from today, it was far less developed. There were nowhere near as many houses and hotels. I love the sun here and the restaurants … the paella ... ."

Could you see yourself buying a house on the island?

"I don't think I could afford to buy another house (laughs). If I came to Mallorca, I would definitely rent the fabulous Villa Remus. The villa looks beautiful. It's a wonderful place to stay. It has a great swimming pool, a fabulous kitchen and beautiful views. I highly recommend it."

What has been the highlight of your career?

"The highlight of my career? Playing Amanda in Noel Coward's Private Lives on Broadway."

What advice would you give to young actors/actresses?

"Don't! (laughs). It's a terrible profession (laughs), overcrowded and there's incredible competition now.“

So would you not do it today?

No, not today and in this age."

How did you find the pandemic?

"I missed travelling. And my kids! It was terrible because it was not possible to see my eldest daughter and my grandchildren for six or seven months. We were all in England, but we weren't allowed to travel to see each other.“