Toni Mir, next Mayor of Andratx. | Michel

Veteran politician, Toni Mir, who’s well known in the Municipality of Andratx is to take over from Joan Manera as Mayor and will be the first socialist in office for nearly 30 years.

What will your first decision be as Mayor?

“Assuming the Mayor's Office in the middle of the legislature means continuing with what management has already agreed, so there are no extraordinary decisions to be taken.”

What are your goals for the two remaining years of your legislature?

“To finish most of the projects already started, some of which are from many years ago and put forward new long-term proposals.”

What have you learned from your predecessors?

"So many good things: Understand the responsibility of the position, conciliate in possible conflicts and mediate between political groups, to name a few.”

Will the Cala Llamp apartments be demolished in this legislature?

“We promised to carry out all the necessary procedures to comply with the demolition ruling; approval of the project; budget allocation; tendering of the work and contracting of the company at the beginning of the legislature. The administrative process was completed months ago and we are waiting for judicial authorisation to proceed with the demolition.”

It’s nearly 15 years since a socialist has been in the Mayor’s office, what have you been doing in that time?

“Since my seven years as President of Club Esportiu in Andratx came to an end I have been concentrating on my family and my businesses. I’ve been a member of PSOE for more than 40 years and I also participate in party activities.”

Will you stand as a candidate in 2023?

“That’s a decision that party members will make at the appropriate time.”