The restrictions are back for this summer and there are more of them. | E. BALLESTERO


Last year, the traffic directorate decided to suspend the restrictions on using the road to the Formentor lighthouse because there was “no high concentration of vehicles”. In what is surely a sign of anticipated tourism recovery, the restrictions are back for this summer and there are more of them.

The town hall, the Majorca transport consortium (government and Council of Majorca), the Guardia Civil and the traffic directorate have all gathered in arriving at agreement that the restrictions will apply as they previously had from June 15 to September and between 10am and 7pm every day.

The change for this summer basically affects the road as far as the beach from Puerto Pollensa. Private cars won’t be able to use the road between 10am and 7pm. Access will be limited to authorised vehicles, such as taxis. Residents and people visiting residents will have access. Excursion coaches will be able to go as far as the beach but no further. Cyclists will be permitted and there is to be special provision for vehicles for people with reduced mobility.

As before, there will be a barrier with a number plate reader in the area of the beach to allow authorised vehicles through. Authorisations have to be obtained by email application to Nothing has actually been said about access from Puerto Pollensa as far as the beach, so presumably there won’t be a barrier.

Drivers of private cars should park along the ring road in the port and take the bus to the beach and lighthouse. Two buses will start in Alcudia and stop in Puerto Pollensa. Line 333 will terminate at the beach, and Line 334 will carry on to the lighthouse with stops for Cala Figuera and Cala Murta.

The town hall has in the past indicated that it would prefer restrictions along the whole road because of the traffic chaos at the beach.